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tv   News Ch8 Today at 430AM  NBC  November 7, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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the fbi rules on hillary clinton's emails says no charges should be filed. >> donald trump back in the bay area this morning for the second time in 3 days as hillary clinton sends some heavy hitters our way. >> then a horrific crash kills a father and his 2 young children on i-75. the latest on the sole survivor. good morning. and welcome to news channel 8 today.
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let's look at weather and traffic. it's a pretty comfortable morning, we're at 59, 58 in zephyrhills, most everybody else in the 60s. so we're actually a few degrees warmer than this time yesterday in most spots. tampa is about 3 degrees warmer. so let's take you on through the day. at 8 a.m., 67 degrees, and it's going to be bright out there. the sun is going to rise earlier after the time change, a few passing clouds, 80 degrees at noon. by the time we head towards 4 p.m. temperatures at 84, lots of sunshine for you. i'll take you more specifically hour by hour and we're going to let you know what's happening on the roads. one problem out on the interstate that we're waking up to. first i want to start with
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this is 275 not far away from the 22nd avenue north exit and you can see the 2 right lanes are blocked. we had a vehicle that caught fire. clearly the fire is out now but still a lot of clean up in the process. this is southbound. that's a look at weather and traffic. in breaking news the death of former u.s. attorney general janet reno. she was at the storms. >> one includes the 2000 stand off in miami over a 5-year old. the little boy was from cuba and staying in the home of his relatives. she ordered the storming of the home to return him back to cuba. she also unsuccessfully ran for governor of florida in 2002. she was 78 years old. . on the campaign trail this morning, james comey says that
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clinton and the investigation and that clinton will not face any charges. we have reaction from the candidates's campaigns this morning. >> once again the fbi is clearing hillary clinton of any criminal charges for her mishandling of classified information. fbi director comey sent this letter to congress on sunday. it says emails to and secretary of state were duplicates or not related to government business. comey says based on that review no charges against clinton are appropriate. clinton hasn't addressed the news but tim kaine has. . >> yeah, obviously altered dynamic for a few days but we did have the confidence that it would be back in this place because they spent so much time
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get that news but not surprised. >> donald trump says clinton is being protect buddha rigged system. he believes that the fbi isn't available of reviewing 650,000 new emails in 8 days. . >> hillary clinton is guilty, she knows it, the fbi knows it, the people, the people know it, and now it's up to the american people to deliver justice at the ballot. . >> now, this news comes as a new poll conduct by the nbc and the wall street journal finds clinton holding a 4 point lead against trump among likely voters. . >> all right. but every day like we keep saying it gets more and more interesting. the all out blitz for the state of florida continues ahead of election day as donald trump makes his final push over voters
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we're live from sarasota where the nominee will speak later on this morning. there's no doubt every of state is counting. >> reporter: here we are one day out from election day and we expect that this will be donald trump's last appearance in florida before folks head to the polls. the doors here don't open until 8 a.m. but we already have a group of people waiting to get inside and stake out a spot to he ended his day on sunday with a final rally in virginia where he took the stage well past midnight. the told the crowd that he was calling it quote the midnight special speech and joked that the travelling press were exhausted taking jabs at his opponent along the way. >> this is a marathon today, we're not playing games, right?
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so beautifully. she's sleeping beautifully. . >> reporter: now, also at the rally he described a woman near the front of the stage as quote obnoxious after she shouted at him about respecting women. he'll continue to make his case across the country today. he has 5 rallies in total scheduled for today the first of which being here in sarasota. again, doors open at 8 a.m. and he's expected to take the stage at 11 a.m. . >> crowds are already showing up, all right. thank you. hillary clinton is not campaigning in florida today and will focus on pennsylvania, michigan and north carolina. she is set to attends get out the vote rallies in all 3 states later on today. she'll have help campaigning here today, joe
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later on joined by florida music legend jimmy buffett. the concert is scheduled to start at 7:00. president obama spent the weekend in battleground florida as well. he attended add rally and he told supporteders the outcome of this election comes down to us. . >> and we win this election if we win florida. if we win florida it's a wrap. we win florida it's over. . >> today the president will campaign for clinton in pennsylvania, michigan and new hampshire. and don't forget news channel 8 is your headquarters for political coverage on election day. we will be with you all day as you cost your votes, as the votes come in and as projections are made. you can also check or our app for the very latest information.
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outside, time just seconds away from 4:38. >> really is very nice, and it will stay at a comfortable range through most of the week. so let's start by taking a look at the hour by hour forecast for today. we go from 67 degrees at 7 a.m., quickly up to around 78 by 11. 1:00 in the afternoon it's 82, i think the afternoon high of 84 is right around 3:00 and we start to cool down quickly. if you're heading out 64 degrees mild and comfortable, plenty of sunshine, 78 degrees at that point then when the polls finally close on this election season, it should be a gorgeous evening 74 degrees. our 8-day temperature trend trends cooler. today is the warmest at 84, 82 tomorrow, 81 wednesday and below average as we head into the weekend and next week. time to check on traffic. a little problem out on the interstate but it won't slow you
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hour it would be a totally different situation but not a lot of vehicles out on the road. it's early. a lot of you are sitting in front of your tvs. this is southbound 275 between 38th and 22nd avenue north. we had a vehicle fire and that's what's tying up those lanes. the fire is out and this is where it is located right here in st. pete. that's a look at weather and traffic. early voting is over and now election officials in the bay area are getting ready for election day 2016. we're live at the hillsborough county supervisor of elections office this morning. ryan, they have been gearing up for election day for months. >> they have been getting ready for quite a while. there are hundreds of voting machines here in hillsborough county that have
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cases triple checked to make sure they're in proper working order and that's what officials did all weekend long. now, the county uses electronic machines that tally the votes once the paper ballots are inserted. workers are able to go back and count by hand if there were any problems. the supervisor of elections tells news channel 8 allowed inside the sites. he's optimistic election day will go off without a hitch. . >> we have our game plan. we've been planning for months and months. we've tested the equipment and now we're deemploying our plan quite frankly. >> here's a break down of early voting to date all 16 early votes sites closed yesterday at
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early in the county and we're told more than 176,000 mailed in their ballots. he tells us the county has added 100,000 voters since the election of 2012 and turnout that year was 73%. they expect to exceed that this year. . >> well, we are a key state so it's great to see that so much preparation has gone into this. new this morning an electrical issue may for a house fire. crews battled the fire around midnight. that fire started in the rear of the house and spread to the attic. in this case no one was hurt. fire crews in hillsborough county battled an overnight fire at an apartment complex. crews evacuated several apartments in this area. no word yet though on what started the fire and the
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an election message of kindness and compassion no matter who you're voting for. >> that store is still ahead, plus the company giving people a paid holiday on election day. . >> not bad. >> and a vehicle carrying a family with children flies off a bay area interstate, coming up the latest on the investigation and the social survivor. >> then the unfolding serial killer in south carolina. . >> you're watching news channel
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. a bay area mother is hospitalized after a horrible crash on i-75 in hillsborough county that killed her 2 children and their father. 31-year old ronald greene the second, died in the crash early sunday morning. tiffany young survived. this happened when troopers believe the father lost control of his vehicle and flipped over a barrier. debris
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father are shocked. >> avenues family man. he would go to work come home here. the only time you'd see him catch him in the yard if he's out doing something in the yard. >> this poor family. investigators are still trying to determine what caused this horrific crash. they believe that greene may have driving under the influence but waiting on the toxicology report. well, the manatee county sheriffs office is investigating the deadly shooting of an 18-year she was shot on the 3,300-block of 4th street east just after 4 p.m. sunday. she was taken to manatee memorial where they later died. investigators tell us they do not believe this was a ran dam incident. anyone with information about this case is asked to call the sheriffs office. right now the search is on for robbers who hit 2 internet cafes.
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the they robbed patrons and at e robber andrews arm employee exchanged gunfire but no one was hurt. across america this morning new horrifying details from south carolina where a missing woman was found alive chained like a dog. investigators now believe the man accused of kidnaping here is a serial killer. investigators say he has confessed to 4 murders and mayav people. 4 of those happened 13 years ago at a motorcycle shop. police of starbucks are being asked to embrace respect and dignity during this election. starbucks ceo has endorsed hillary clinton for president but in a letter to employees does not suggest they vote for a particular candidate. instead he's asking them to share quote kindness, compassion
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enjoy a paid holiday tomorrow. general motors, ford motor company, mattress company, and digital media company are among the companies giving their employees a paid holiday. ford sent an email saying every vote counts. . let's check in. >> right now checkin dark, but because of the time change back to standard time the sun is going to rise at 4:46 this morning. it sets probably before you head home from work at 5:41 this afternoon. while the sun is up not that cool this morning. comfortable 67 degrees, a few clouds, 80 at noon, 84 this afternoon which is above average and there will be a little bit of a breeze as
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so for today a few passing clouds, warmer than average and again, we do have this east breeze. as we head into the middle of week a weak front is going to get close to us, add a 10% chance of rain in for wednesday and thursday. close to 80 degrees by the end of the week which by the way don't forget election day tomorrow and veterans day on friday. . well, i've got a good update r we had an earlier problem tying up the 2 right lanes. it was an early vehicle fire and they're cleaning it up here. this is southbound 275. they have completely cleared it from the roadway. all right let's move over appeared take a look at sarasota county, the southern end we do have an accident on venice east boulevard at indian hills. so be aware of that.
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as you know it has been a long divisive and never ending campaign it seems but through it all our favorite show has given us something to laugh about. >> coming up a look at some of the fun the show had and how it brought the 2 candidates together to stop the mud slinging. its 4:50 on this monday morning and you're
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. the race is creating lots of fadder. >> this weekend the show's opening sketch compared some of the allegations against trump with those against clinton specifically her emails. take a listen. >> i mean, am i crazy or does it sort of team like the fbi is trying to get donald trump elected president. >> no, no, that is crazy. the the fbi doesn't like me. >> i'm going to go grab some coffee, do you want some? >> no, i'm good sweetie. . >> you saw that right, he kissed an fbi guy. >> it doesn't seem like enough of a story. let's get back to your emails.
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slinging and encourage everyone to vote. >> you know what i think can help us , let's get out of here. >> where will we go? >> you'll see. . >> and now it' t there and vote. >> and we can't tell you who to vote for but on tuesday we all get a chance to choose what kind of country we want to live in. . >> and they went out into the streets. >> right. >> and started embracing the crowd. it's one of those moments that, you know. hey the fight against fat is frustrating to say the least. >> the latest social media craze
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this trend to see what it does and weather it works. >> first a live look outside in downtown tampa. beautiful colors this morning.
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. it's monday, and it's time for weather and traffic on the 8s. still dark get this monday started. the airport checking in at 67 degrees. and during the day today temperatures will warm up to 84, it will be breezy at times but still warmer than average. 64 degrees a pleasant evening staying mild. aisle have your election day forecast coming up. all right. well, overall we've got a pretty good drive but not perfect. let's head down to southern sarasota county. venice boulevard we do
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drive a little bit of construction around i-75 in sarasota and here at 38th avenue east at 15th street we have a crash as well. meanwhile i-75
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. it is the last day of campaign 2016 and donald trump is back in the clinton, the fbi completes the review of those newly discovered emails and says she will not face charges. hear how trump fired back in response. . >> and final preparations for election day are underway. 8 on your side making sure officials are taking steps to safeguard your ballot. >> well, good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. >> good morning to you and happy monday. it's straight up 5:00.


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